With every passing day each of us makes changes to himself and to the surrounding world. We believe, that if today you are more confident and stronger than yesterday, tomorrow you will be better than today.

We call ourselves ROOKODILL’A – creative association of people with the same interests and values. All our set tasks and goals come to one but still very important aim which is in promoting quality music, therefore, showing that Ukraine is rich of talented people and we can and have to support Ukrainian producers.

Label ROOKODILL’A is sort of a circle of like-minded people, whose music feels quite tightly inside and it breaks out. The label's team includes half a dozen artists and bands that are ready to create, self-develop and self-improve, indeed we do not change the music – the music changes us.

All label’s artists are people with open hearts and souls, ready to please listeners with quality songs in native Ukrainian as well as Russian and English languages.

ROOKODILL’A is a big family that respects and honours its traditions and ready to create new ones.

Photo by Maxim Fesenko