"Chuyu" ("I hear") - is not just a video, it's rather a kind of video art about what feelings music gives and how kaleidoscopically they can change with every second. "I embrace honesty and genuineness of [Ó] band's music. It remindes me of nymph, from which the holy geometry of colors came" - says Olexandr Pryluts'kuy, the clip director.

The video was shot with support of artistic director Evheniy Lapchenko, choreographer Evheniy Kariakin and dancers from League of Extraordinary Artist.

[Ó] - is a project of two gifted artists: Olga Chernyshova and Olexandr Kasprov. Together guys want to create beautiful music without resorting to genre clichés, to use the colors of electro, soul, and folk gently implementing them into their music.